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Sep 10, 2017

Action- packed Saturday

" Come an' trow a stone or too wi' the wee lads o' tis glen!"

That was the invitation.

Back in December of 2016, a friend from our Timberline church family, Bill, asked Don if he would consider competing in and helping out with the Penn's Wall Highland Games that take place during the Covenanter Scottish Festival in Quarryville, PA.

This was the 4th year of the event.

The festival includes a piping competition, highland dancing, traditional Celtic and Scottish folk music and...

...the "heavy events".  You know...like, stone throwing, caber tossing, weight over bar, Scottish hammer throwing, and sheaf tossing.

The highland games originated in Ireland then spread to Scotland sometime between 1035 and 1090.

The first highland games in the United States took place in 1836 in New York.  From that humble beginning, clans all over the country began organizing festivals.  There are several held each year here in the Northeast.

OF course, Don wanted to be a part of it!  And, our sons did, too.  

Imagine that!

We couldn't have asked for a nicer day for this action-packed, culture-rich event! And, to top it off, some of our best friends and family members joined us for the day!

I took sooo many photos....too many to share them all in a blog post, actually, so I picked out my most favorite to share with you...


What a FABULOUS day!  

And, a new tradition for us, I do believe!

I hope more of you will join us next September.  So much to see, do, and learn about.  I guarantee: You won't be disappointed!

My next blog post will be a "farm & home" update. Stay tuned for that next week.  I have MUCH to share...


  1. It was an awesome day! So happy to have you guys at the festival this year!!!

    1. Don, Will and Nate enjoyed participating so much that I know this will be a regular event for years to come! Don's even talking about competing in other Northeast events next year, lol!